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Van tỷ lệ Series D1FP

Chi tiết sản phẩm

The direct operated control valve D1FP of the nominal size NG06 (CETOP 03) shows extremly high dynamics combined with maximum flow. It is the preferred choice for highest accuracy in positioning of hydraulic axis and controlling of pressure and velocity. 
Driven by the patented VCD® actuator the D1FP reaches the frequency response of real servovalves. Compared with solenoid driven valves the D1FP can also be used in applications with pressure drops up to 350 bar across the valve. Because of the high flow capability the D1FP can be a substitute for NG10 valves in some cases.  At power-down the spool moves in a defined position. All common input signals are available.
Ordering Code
van ty le parker d1fb
Adapter plate for ISO 4401 to ISO 10372 size 04, Ordering code HAP04WV06-1661
Please order connector separately, see chapter 3 accessories.
Parametrizing cable OBE -> RS232, item no. 40982923
1) On power down the spool moves in a defined position. This cannot be guaranteed in case of single flow path on the control edge A – T resp. B – T with pressure drops above 120 bar or contamination in the hydraulic fluid.
2) Approx. 10 % opening, only zero lapped spools and underlap spools.
3) Only for overlapped spools.
4) Not for flow code M (40 l/min).
5) Plug in the Y-port needs to be removed at tank pressure >35 bar.
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